Here are some thoughts, information & guidance we have found if you have children at home. Some have practical info., some activities and suggestions. We hope they are useful.

Some are local, but not all are UK based, but worth exploring virtually!  We would LOVe to have your suggestions of other online resources you find, please drop us an email to let us know and we'll add them.

Update 26.3.20

The BBC have launched an i-player specifically for children which is free to download and ensures that they are watching age appropriate content.


Here’s what various celebrities are offering you and your children for free to help with their education while schools are closed. This in addition to the original list below  ( please do scroll down if this is your first visit)

10.00am - Maths with Carol Vorderman

12.00pm - Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)

1.00pm - Music with Myleene Klass

1.30pm - Dance with Darcey Bussel

2.00pm - History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days)

4.00pm - Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Non-daily events include:
Science with Professor Brian Cox, Robin Ince & Guests

9.30am (Wednesdays) - Geography with Steve Backshall

For your older children, here are 50 free revision resources for 11+, GCSEs and A-Levels:


Audible are streaming thousands of books for free as long as the schools are closed


The Pie Factory -

Here’s a sneak peak of just a couple of things that we’re going to be doing:

🙌Daily challenges – Starting next week we’ll be posting daily and weekly challenges to keep young entertained and expressing themselves creatively. We’ll be keeping a leaderboard for those submitting challenges and will be sharing the best ones on our social media channels. THERE WILL BE PRIZES (and it won’t be loo roll 😂)


🙌Online Video Chats Pie Factory Music – are going to be hosting regular online video chats for young people who usually attend their sessions. They're just testing out the tech and making sure they've considered everything to keep young safe in the process too – more on that soon. If your child would be interested in this please send them a message via email and they'll keep you posted.

The Pavilion Youth and Community Café – regularly posting and sharing great ideas to keep kids interested.


Joe Wickes - The Body Coach TV – daily PE lessons at 9:00 am


Online resources:

- BrainPop

- Curiosity Stream

- Tynker

- Outschool

- Udemy

- iReady

- Beast Academy (Math)

- Khan Academy

- Creative Bug

- Discovery Education


YouTube Channels:

- Crash Course Kids

- Science Channel

- SciShow Kids

- National  Geographic Kids

- Free School

- Geography Focus

- TheBrainScoop

- SciShow

- Kids Learning Tube

- Geeek Gurl Diaries

- Mike Likes Science

- Science Max

- SoulPancake


Scholastic has created a free learn-from-home site with 20+ days of learning and activities.


Pretend to travel the world..Go on a virtual tour of these 12 famous museums.


List of thinking games by age: