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Town Team - The story so far...

From the very first discussions, and a tiny group kicked off by the indomitable Fiona Crawford, with plans to help the High. St. via a 'Portas pilot' application, the journey for Town Team has been tough & challenging.

 More importantly, it has been rewarding, life affirming and life-changing for the team, our hundreds of amazing volunteers and fabulous collaborative partners in our community, for our community.


We have evolved into a registered Charity with 7 dedicated volunteer Trustees, and over 35 completed and on-going community-focused projects in and around Broadstairs and St. Peter's.


Ultimately, we hope you'll agree that all the effort, hours and dedication and skill sharing of the collective volunteer team have been worth it, and have made a tangible difference to our Town.

We want to celebrate all that we have achieved together and what better way than to summarise all that has happened since 2012.


So here's a brochure we've produced showing just a few key facts, figures and achievements, the story so far..


It's an amazing testament to collaboration,  signposting for others, partnership working and the power of volunteers to make a real difference to their community.

The Story so Far
This is a brochure celebrating all that the amazing volunteers in our Broadstairs community have allowed us to achieve since 2012. Please download and enjoy reading more about what community can do for itself.
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Refill Broadstairs 2018

As a direct result of the workshop hosted by Town Team, we designed and produced a free window sticker, which many local businesses were happy to sign up to. Our inspiration was the Bristol free refill scheme, learn more about the National scheme here :

Spring 2018

RRR project. Please feel free to use the logo below, which sums up what we all aim for, which happened as a result of our town-wide workshop in March 2018

Video edit of RRR workshop activity. April 2018.

Call for participants and volunteers for new environmental initiative from Broadstairs - Reduce waste, re-use, recycle.

Inspired by the awesome Blue Planet 2, we're working with enthusiastic locals and organisations that would like to be part of a new team.

We'd like to explore together how Broadstairs and St. Peter's can do our bit for the planet. If you're interested in finding out more about waste reduction etc., and get involved, please read on.

There will be a workshop at the end of March to listen to views, and shape the future together.

If you'd like to do some more reading about the issues that face our town here are a few links for background reading :

Here's the Ad. you may have seen in the most recent Broadie about the idea.


'We all love Broadstairs

So we’d like to enlist your help if you also care about broader environmental issues that affect our town. It’s a big issue and one we know is very relevant now. One of our key aims at Town Team is to support and assist community initiatives to grow.


We’re asking all residents, business owners, members of local societies, schools and clubs to join, and be part of a Broadstairs-wide team to tackle and then address making Broadstairs even nicer, tidier and less detrimental to the environment as a whole. We’re planning a workshop later in the Spring to talk, work through, form a plan, and then act, so that working together, we can all make a difference.


Your views, ideas and enthusiasm and donation of even small amounts of time or specific skills really matter, and mean we can. We’ve already had great suggestions about water bottles, food packaging etc., which will form part of that workshop.

 To get involved or know more please drop us a line at:  check our website:, or check our Facebook page.

Thank you and we look forward to working together as a town on such a great initiative.'

More background reading and downloads re: RRR here:

1. H.M.Gov. Litter strategy document for England 2017 :

2. Results of consultation on above :


3.Campaign for Rural England :

4. Surfers Against Sewage :

5. Plastic Pollution Coalition. Tips on taking action to tackle plastics :

6. Project Earth and Sweden's recycling projects :



2018- Town Team is 6!            Brochure coming soon.

We're delighted to be working with the amazing Designer and local resident, Andy Spencer, on a brochure showcasing all the wonderful things that local businesses and individuals have helped Town Team achieve over the last 5 years. It's been a rocky ride, but a very fruitful and a truly rewarding experience for everyone involved so far, and one we wouldn't change for the world.


Here's what Andy gets up to and why we're so happy he has offered to help us celebrate the Town's achievements so far.

News from 2017

Copy taken from our Newsletter update to supporters on TT projects and plans.  November 2017

 Hello everyone, Thanks for your support for Town Team.

Autumn and Winter tend to be our busier seasons and here are details of some events happening soon in and around Broadstairs if you’d like to join in or know more.          

We’ve also included an update on some of the projects that have been keeping us and our amazing volunteers busy so far this year.

Litter picking and more….


We’ve hosted, supported and done a total of 30 Litterpicks so far this year, the largest of which was in March. ‘#One Good Deed’ was a project we co-ordinated for BBC Radio Kent locally.  Over 150 volunteers, from 15 different local organisations came together to tidy Viking Bay, Stone Bay, Pierremont Park and then Memorial Recreation ground. A perfect example of community working together.


Our ‘First Fridays’ will continue at Broadstairs station.  A group of volunteers are working hard to bring back to life the beds surrounding the Car Park. Once a month we meet @ 9.00 am to clear litter, and also and to cut back and feed the beds. All this in preparation for some Spring planting to supplement the shrubs, bushes and climbers that we have found, hidden for many years. If you’d like to get involved with that group of volunteers please contact

The small but very dedicated ‘Gardens group’ meet at one of the 5 pieces of land that they maintain in town on a rotating basis. If you fancy joining them, please make contact with and she will add to you to her ‘Gardens-specific’ mailing list.


Our newly formed ‘Library Bank Crew’ has been making an enormous difference to the bank opposite Crampton Tower, (by the Library). A recent, kind donation of funds will enable them to buy some essential gardening equipment and start preparation for a new more comprehensive planting scheme. This is again a tiny team, and they would welcome anyone interested in adding to the wonderful floral display they have been working on over the past 6 months or so. Please contact Mike Clark:


The Station Crew’ meet at Broadstairs Station- 1st Tuesday of every month @ 10.00am. They maintain the planters we installed last year, and keep it spic and span in partnership with Southeastern. You may have seen that one of the planters was accidentally damaged by a car recently, and a replacement is being made at The Shed, for installation in the coming weeks. There will be Phase 2 of work in the Spring to bring even more colour to brighten the station too. We are also happy to publicise other local events on our community noticeboard in the ticket office, for this and to find out more about joining the lovely Station Crew please contact Denise Martin-Harker:


The sterling work done to date by the ‘Harbour and Seafront Group’ in and around Viking Bay will be tailing off as winter approaches, but they have big plans for the Spring. If you’d like to help in some way, whether through donation of time, skills or to support their fundraising efforts, please make contact via:


The Town Shed goes from strength to strength. Over 150 members are signed up now, and use the fab facilities in our very happy and busy workshop, open 3 day a week. If you know someone who might benefit from visiting the Shed, can help, or would like to know more then please mail:

With no regular funding stream, everyone involved does what they can to raise funds, to keep the shed open for everyone to enjoy.

A prime example: we shall be holding our annual ‘Christmas Mince Pie Open event’ on Wednesday 13th December 12.00 – 2.30pm. Lots of hand-made wooden items on Sale to help us support the Shed through 2018. Mince Pies, roasted chestnuts, mulled apple juice and of course unlimited supplies of tea available, please do come and see what we have been up to in our amazing new home.

We are delighted to have just been selected by the Co-op community fund as one of their local beneficiaries from November 17 to October ’18. If you shop at the Co-op, have your card registered online, and select the Shed as your favoured group, The Shed will be supported by your contributions to that fund.


Last request. Those of you who have visited the Shed know that we have been fund-raising, not just to keep the project open, but more importantly to ensure that the upstairs spaces are completely accessible to all.

The kitchen loos and ‘Mess room’ are upstairs, which is tough for many of our members with mobility issues.

Our lift appeal continues and we have another chance to win funding from the Aviva Community fund this year. If you would consider giving some (or all!) of the 10 votes available to everyone to cast to us, then we ‘d be very grateful indeed. You need to register to vote, the search for ‘Broadstairs Town Shed lift appeal’ Many Thanks.…/17-236


We are a volunteer-run group, and receive no central funding, so rely on the kindness, generosity and goodness of all our individual and business supporters and, of course, an exceptional family of volunteers to deliver projects for the town.

If you would like any more general information about Town Team, have an idea that you’d like to get involved with or support locally, do check our website, or better still, please contact us via:


Many Thanks for all your support.

We look forward to working with you all on many more projects that benefit our wonderful Broadstairs community, through the rest of 2017, and beyond!


Karen, Denise, Simon, Pip, Wendy, Karen and Kerry.



Latest work at The Old Lookout June 2017

More fantastic repair and restoration work going on down at Viking Bay. The Old Look Out AKA 'Old Wonky' is looking better every day. New staircases, planking etc., Thanks in no small part to generous donations from local people to help towards the cost of materials. Special mentions must go to Dave, Julian and Mick for all the time and skills they have and will continue to donate. We love this building and it is such an iconic part of our town. If you'd like to donate to help us with the next phase please do make contact.

Article in The Broadie May 2017

official BBC RADIO KENT videos from #onegooddeed

7th March 2017, Erika arrives at Broadstairs and is very taken with the Old Lookout and all the hard work and fundraising volunteers have done to refurbish it - sounds like she'll be off on a Broadstairs History Walk next too!

Erika and the clean-up crew left the beach and headed for the park and chatted to Mike Clark - on a swing - about volunteering with Broadstairs Food Festival! 

Join our #onegooddeed mega Spring litterpick with BBC Radio Kent on 7th March 2017!

Visit our press page to watch the official videos of this event with BBC Radio Kent. 

#Onegooddeed launch trailer
listen to BBC Radio Kent launching their #onegooddeed campaign which comes to Broadstairs on 7 March!
One Good Deed Launch Trail.mp3
MP3 Audio File 1.0 MB

Broadstairs Town Team are proud to announce we will be holding a Mega Spring litterpick in Broadstairs on Tuesday 7th March 2017, meet at The Old Lookout on the jetty (shown above) at 11:30am and join in the fun till 4pm, to be broadcast LIVE on BBC Radio Kent and promoted across social media as part of the #onegooddeed movement!


BBC Radio Kent will be broadcasting live initially from Viking Bay, where the pick will start, and then depending on how many lovely volunteers are able to help that afternoon, we'll be moving to Pierremont Park and Memorial Park too. If you'd like to get involved, and even tell people live on radio why you think volunteering is such a good and rewarding thing we'd be delighted.


Come and help make our wonderful town spic and span for Spring.


Litter pickers and bags provided. Please bring your own gloves. Please share with anyone you think might like to be involved, it will be great fun and very sociable, everyone is welcome to join in. 


See our events diary for more litterpicking events. 

Aviva Community Fund update

We found out yesterday that the Shed was not one of the Aviva Community Fund Winners.  We had amazing support from so many people, and for that, we Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

There were SO many worthy candidates and we congratulate the very deserving projects and causes that did win. We were told how much our lift appeal was loved, and awarded a 'consolation prize' of £500, which helps us towards our target and we are very grateful for.

It's back to the drawing board for us and the Shedders, to work out how we can generate the funds needed for this much needed lift to help those Shed Heads with limited mobility get up to the tea and biscuits and loo they deserve to be able to enjoy - along with their more mobile compadres!

It's all part of our amazing Shed journey, ongoing fundraising towards our lift, our running costs and further developing our marvellous Broadstairs Town Shed. If you have any great fundraising ideas and would like to help please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

With many thanks to everyone for all your good wishes and support, which means the world - onwards! 

The Shed reaches Aviva Community Fund Finals!

22/11/16  - We are proud and delighted to announce that thanks to everyone's support and votes The Shed is through to the Finals of the Aviva Community Fund - to win funding to install an accessible lift!


With over 5 million votes cast in the competition, that’s no mean feat.  Thank you to all our wonderful supporters for voting and spreading the word far and wide! 


We now have to provide additional information to the panel of judges to help persuade them to choose us as worthy of the funding we need for the lift.  800 projects will be funded through this scheme and we are now one step closer to being one of them. 


The results will be announced on 10th January. 


#voteshedlift  #avivacommunityfund 

Give the Shed a lift! VOTE SHED with Aviva

Aviva Community Fund - Give the Shed a Lift - please vote for Broadstairs Town Shed

The Broadstairs Town Shed, a Town Team project, really needs an accessible lift.                            

Shed Members and potential members experience a wide range of mobility issues and problems, which will become more apparent for more members as time goes by.


Although the workshop in the new Shed is at ground level and fully accessible, a fundamental part of the Shed’s magic is the social side of working shoulder to shoulder and forming new friendships. The Shed’s mess/kitchen/dining room is on the first floor, making sharing a cuppa, a chat and a laugh difficult for some members and completely inaccessible for others. 


We are thrilled that The Shed has been nominated to be part of this year’s Aviva Communities Fund competition, to win funding for an accessible lift.


What we need now is for as many people as possible to vote for the lift project. You do not need to be an Aviva member or policy holder to vote, but you do need to register online, click on the email you will then receive to be able to cast your votes for The Shed. Everyone that registers online receives 10 votes and 800 projects will be funded through this exciting scheme.


Voting closes on 18 November 2016 and we will know by 10th January 2017 if we have been successful. 


Bill Lott – One of the volunteer ‘Shed heads’ who run the project says: 


‘I love coming to the Shed, it’s such a key part of my life now, and although I am not disabled, the stairs are a problem for me by the end of the day. It would make a huge difference to me and everyone else that finds stairs a trial if people could help us with our lift appeal, by registering and voting for us online’ 


Claire Shelton the Town Shed’s Co-ordinator added :


‘The lift will make a huge difference to so many existing users, and those for whom the stairs are a major hurdle and have therefore not yet been able to really join in fully with Shed life. It isn’t just for now, mobility issues for our members do not get better with age, so a lift would really help sustain the amazing facilities that we can offer people going forward too’

TDC asset disposal consultation information

Regarding the news this week that TDC have voted to dispose of a number of property assets across the district, including Agricultural Land at North Foreland - Callis Court Road and Crescent Road Broadstairs and land at Viking Bay including the disused shelter, closed toilets and former lift shaft, the public consultation is now underway and runs for just 21 days, starting on 27th September, so finishing on 17th October

Everyone wishing to comment should contact the relevant ward councillor about either site. We are told by TDC that is the ONLY way to participate in the consultation.


Regarding the North Foreland site, contact: Bob Bayford


Regarding Viking Bay contact:

Councillor Rosanna Taylor-Smith




Councillor Mrs Mave Saunders




Councilllor Dave Saunders


all details of the meeting on 27th September are on this link:

Broadstairs station facelift - latest news

Broadstairs Town Team Station Crew group start Phase 2– Flowering troughs along the railings at Train Station Exit


Beautiful flowering troughs have been installed along the station exit/Platform 1 entrance. This is the continuation of the Train Station Facelift that began with wooden planters being installed at the front of the Station in May this year.


The project has been driven by the Station Crew volunteers who are part of Broadstairs Town Team. For Phase 2 they have worked in partnership with Youngs Nurseries, Broadstairs Garden Centre, who provided all the plants and planting expertise. 


The Station Crew are all local volunteers and are working with with Network Rail and SouthEastern to improve the look of Station for visitors and local commuters. They attend the station everyday – watering, weeding and litter picking.


Local residents and local business ‘Viking Bay Emporium’ have sponsored the special troughs needed for the railings and drainpipes.

The team has plans to continue Phase 2 of the facelift with a very exciting new look to the Platform area in Spring next year. If you would like to volunteer or help sponsor Phase 2 please contact


Local Resident Peter said: 

'It's fantastic to see local people who really care about Broadstairs making the Town look beautiful for residents and visitors alike. It’s so important that we show visitors we love our town!’


Denise Martin-Harker from The Station Crew volunteers said:

‘We’ve had such a positive reaction from locals and visitors, whenever we are at the station we receive lovely comments about the difference it has made’


Tony and David from Viking Bay Emporium said:

‘Thank you to the Town Team volunteers for all they do to keep Broadstairs looking great. We are so happy to help by sponsoring the ‘Facelift at the station’'

Summer Sounds '16, dates and bands announced

Summer Sounds, Broadstairs Town Team's celebration of local musical talent and our wonderful community will take place this year on 18th and 25th August, at the bandstand, 6:30 - 9pm both evenings. 
We are delighted to present a line up of entirely local bands.

On 18th August, see, MEISTER, 'a combination of rock alternative, with a slide of pop and funk', supported by MINUS BARBIE, mixing up the genres from the 1950s onwards, playing both original numbers and cover versions you will recognise. 
On 25th August, it's FUNKLE PIE - a night to get up and dance!


The Big Shed opens it's doors, June 2016

We were proud to reveal the new Big Shed to over 60 visitors and friends at Oakwood Industrial Estate last Tuesday - including Meridian TV cameras, our local MP and the mayor and deputy mayor of Broadstairs, after months of very hard work by all the Shedders and lots of support from our friends. Now we have a much bigger space to accomodate our many new members and activities.  Thank you everyone - especially Willow - and well done Shedders!

Broadstairs Station new planters launched. May 2016

Wooden planters hand-made by The Town Shed have been installed along the station entrance. The project has been sponsored by local businesses, organisations and residents and has been delivered by the newly-formed ‘Station Crew’.

The Station Crew are all local volunteers and have worked with Network Rail and Southeastern to improve the look of the Station for visitors and local commuters.        They will maintain the planters and update the new community noticeboard, which was installed inside the ticket hall as part of the project.

Local businesses and groups that sponsored the project to date include Broadstairs Carpets, WA Hazell Butchers, Cleverdons Accountants, The Old Bakehouse, Broadstairs Rotary Club and The Broadstairs Society. The Station Crew were also helped and supported by local Garden Co. The Potting Shed.


The team also has plans to continue with Phase 2 of the facelift, which include the Station Platforms and exit area. If you would like to volunteer or perhaps help fund and therefore sponsor Phase 2 please contact



Work in progress on 'The Old Lookout' refurbishment.May 2016

Lots of hard work by amazing volunteers happening right now.

Work being done at East Kent college on the Whale bones, The Scotsman etc.,

We're in Phase 1 of the overhaul and beautification of our beloved Old Look Out AKA Harbourmaster's House.


We've been able to start the refurbishment due to the generosity of donations towards materials from local residents and businesses so far.

BUT...we're still desperately in need of funds to finish not only Phase 1, but to progress in the Autumn to Phase 2 - which is the even tougher job of all the structural and internal work that needs to be done to preserve the building.

If you feel you are able to make a small donation, then please do get in touch, we'd be so grateful.


Donations payable to Broadstairs Town Team - Harbour and Seafront group.

If you are an individual and a UK Tax payer, the project can also benefit from your completion of a Giftaid form, which adds even more to our 'fighting fund' You can also make a donation on this link. 


Please contact Andy Rogers if you'd like to know more about our plans : 

Andrew Rogers  -

Refurbishment of Memorial benches in conjunction with 'Constructing Your Future' plus progress on Harbour and Seafront projects      May 16


Students from the ‘Constructing your future’ training company have restored several memorial benches in and around Broadstairs.

Working with the Town Team Harbour and Seafront group on the project, the young people have been sanding, painting and re-varnishing many of the older benches that are on the Harbour Arm and beyond in their own time.


The restoration of the benches marks the start of the 4th project being delivered by The Town Team Harbour and Seafront group.

Work has already begun on phased sand removal in Viking Bay, to facilitate boats moving back into the Harbour, and the repainting of the central ‘Zig zag’ staircase down to the beach from the promenade is now complete.


The team are also in the process of restoring key elements of the Old Look Out on the jetty, working with carpentry students from East Kent College and other local volunteers.

Tony Elliott, from Constructing your future said :

The ultimate goal is for all of our young people to find Apprenticeships and employment in the construction industry. This sort of volunteer activity gives them all an opportunity to show what they have learned through the programme and their willingness to work hard. We aim to get them as much hands-on experience as possible, so that they are ready to take on positions within the building trades locally and regionally. We would love to hear from local building Companies looking to help them into their first jobs in construction’

John Nicholls – from the Town Team Harbour Group added:

‘ The skills these young people have will be an asset to any local Company. This project is a chance for then to showcase those skills and enthusiasm to potential local employers. It’s great that they are giving their time to help the Town Team and the town, and particularly benches that are memorials to many lost loved ones. We hope that publicity surrounding the project will mean that more people know what great skills they have to offer’


If you'd like to know more about how to help support the young people from the Constructing your Future programme by offering them apprenticeships or work placements, please visit : www.constructingyour or contact :Tony Elliott or on 07951943464

Successful beach clean and litterpick April 2016

Over 50 volunteers turned out to support the Town Team Spring Clean for Viking Bay initiative ahead of the Easter break.


Volunteers got busy clearing the boardwalk of sand, weeding and working on the main steps down to the beach, in preparation for the painting planned for April, plus Litterpicking, sweeping and weeding in and around the Bay and the Undercliff and graffiti removal.


The newly-formed Town Team Harbour and Seafront group were out in force, and refreshments provided free by The Viking Bay Café were very welcome as were bacon sandwiches sponsored by the Oakleaf cleaning Company.


Information and Networking meeting 21.4.16 a great success

Over 100 people attended a Networking and Information evening upstairs at The Charles Dickens Pub hosted by Town Team. Thorleys Taverns provided the room in support of the group’s projects and plans for the future.


Various members of Town Team outlined progress made on multiple projects in and around Broadstairs.

Members of the Charity’s Trustees each outlined projects iincluding the refurbishment of elements in and around Broadstairs Station being done in conjunction with Southeastern trains and Network Rail.


The enthusiastic audience also heard about the regular activities from the Brush Up Group that handle Litter picks and manage assorted small green spaces in Broadstairs and the group’s involvement with the Broadstairs Local Plan.


Claire Shelton from The Town Shed also talked about the refurbishment of the new building, progress made to date and plans for the opening of the new, improved and larger Big Shed.


Progress and plans from The Harbour and Seafront Group were also shared particularly the completion of the painting of the main stairs down to Viking Bay, and plans for the Old Lookout.


Kiki Case who heads up the Thanet Destination Management Plan along with Fran Warrington updated everyone with progress reports on various local tourism-focused initiatives.


The evening finished with a Q&A session, during which several other ideas and projects were suggested as being interesting as possible future projects for the team, including considering entering into the South East in Bloom' scheme, involvement with the National 'Incredible Edibles' initiative, and an idea to try and engage with local youth groups to have more young people involved in Town Team projects going forward.


Whether you were able to attend or not, and would like to follow up on any of the ideas discussed and points raised, we'd love to hear more from you and involve you in some way in their development.


Simon Hardy, one of the Town Team Trustees said :


‘It was great to see so many people come along to find out more about what we do, and what our plans for the future are. We have already had more people sign up to join the group this evening, to help in whatever way they are able, and that’s what it’s all about – people of all ages and aptitudes donating their time to help more community engagement on projects that make a difference to our town’





Harbour and Seafront Group get busy

The recently-formed Broadstairs Harbour and Seafront Group is now joined with Broadstairs Town Team.

Please see 'Activities' section for more updates.


This energetic group have 4 projects in the pipeline for 2016, with quite a bit already underway:

  • Cleaning and then re-painting the Zig zag steps in the centre of Viking Bay.
  • Restoration and cleaning of memorial benches in and around Broadstairs in conjunction with apprentices from local ‘Constructing your future’ project.
  • Surveying and then planning the restoration of The Old Lookout on Broadstairs Jetty
  • Completion of Phase 1 and then planning Phase 2 of the sand removal from Viking Bay planned for 2017.

Kerry Millett from Town Team said :

‘ The opportunity to work together and pool our knowledge, experience and contacts is a no-brainer. The Harbour group have already made such great progress with the removal of excess sand on Viking Bay, and there are already 3 other projects that we are planning to work on collectively. 


John Nicholls – from the Harbour and Seafront Group added:

‘ With so many interested parties feeling passionate about projects in Broadstairs, particularly the Old Look Out as one of our most iconic landmarks, I’m certain we can all harness that enthusiasm and find ways of funding and delivering the best for Broadstairs together’.




They are actively looking for both individual and business sponsors to help fund very specific refurbishing projects in and arouns Viking Bay and would love to hear from you, if you'd like to pledge some money to help them.



Open Meeting

You are warmly invited to come along to a Broadstairs Town Team Community Networking and Information Evening on Thursday 21st April at 6.30pm.

Come and find out what the Town Team have been up to in recent months, discuss plans for the future and ways you can get more involved if you'd like to . Catch up, and network with other local residents who are passionate about Broadstairs. 

The Town Team is a group of like minded local residents who care about our town. We do what we can to make a positive difference and we are always keen to get more people involved and connect with other groups. 

We'd love to see you at this meeting. Please feel free to share this invitation onwards. 

All Welcome.

Come prepared, hear what’s going on, volunteer for anything that interests you and suggest other ways we can all work together as a community to make our beautiful town even better.

If you  like you can let us know you're coming and also share this event on Facebook.

Spring Clean on Viking Bay a huge success.19th March 2016.

In preparation for the Easter break, Broadstairs Town Team called on local volunteers for a ‘Spring Clean on Viking Bay’.

Over 50 volunteers turned out to support the Town Team Spring Clean for Viking Bay initiative ahead of the Easter break.

Activities included clearing the boardwalk, weeding and working on the main steps down to the beach, in preparation for the painting planned for April, plus Litterpicking, sweeping and weeding in and around the Bay and the Undercliff and graffiti removal.

The newly-formed Town Team Harbour and Seafront group were out in force, and refreshments provided free by The Viking Bay Café and very welcome bacon sandwiches sponsored by the Oakleaf Cleaning Company.

Please check out all the great pictures from Saturday's activities and all our lovely volunteers who made it happen in our Gallery section.

A lovely sunny Sunday that followed on 20th saw many, many visitors already enjoying the newly tidied beach.

Wendy Carr, Trustee of Town Team who runs the Brush Up projects said :

‘We had a wonderful turn out of past and lots of new volunteers from Broadstairs. The more people that volunteer to help, the more we are able to achieve together for the town’


Town Shed lift appeal launches

We're very proud of all our projects, but particularly The Town Shed and all it has achieved already, with the fantastic support of countless volunteers, our community and local businesses.

The new, Big Shed will be able to accommodate even more members to our Shed family.

The next goal in their sights is to install an accessible lift, not just to welcome wheelchair users, but also those members for who stairs are a bit of a pain.

Today they launched a Crowdfunder appeal to raise key funds to do just that.

If you are able and feel you, or anyone else you know believe in what Sheds are all about and bring to a community you can help.

They so would love to hit their target in the next few weeks, and with your help they can.

It will mean so much to all the existing new members who will then all be able to have a cuppa and a chat in comfort upstairs.

Here's the link to do so. Thanks everyone for all your support, as ever.

New sign to be unveiled at Broadstairs Station!

We'd like to invite you to the grand unveiling of a new sign to welcome visitors to Broadstairs which we have created, with support from Kent County Council, lots of encouragement from Southeastern and the involvement of lots of super helpful and enthusiastic local folk. 

It will be situated outside the main entrance to the station and features art from local artists and lots of information about the town, as well as a prompt for visitors and residents to share their impressions of Broadstairs on social media. 

We will reveal the sign at 11:30am on Saturday 13th February.  Come along if you'd like to be amongst the first to see it. 

Between 10am and 11:30am we will also undertake a volunteer litter pick around the station area. Hoops, bags and litter pickers will be provided for volunteers to use and if you'd like to join in with that activity just meet us at the front of the station from 10am.  We love a bit of litter picking, it's keeps us fit and is a great way to make friends while doing something good for the town.

After the unveiling why not also join us over at the Bradstow Mill pub where are few of us will be heading for a celebratory drink and chat. 

Here's the first element of our project working with South Eastern trains on sprucing up the station for visitors. It's a copy of the Thanet Tourism Map. Watch this space for the other great wayfinding elements.

Shed wins Thanet Gazette Award!

The Broadstairs Town Shed, a Town Team project, have won the Thanet Gazette Reader’s Heart of the Community Award.


Huge thanks to everyone who voted for us to win the invaluable coverage they will now get in the paper throughout 2016 - for our journey and fund-raising campaign towards new, much needed, additional space at the much larger Big Shed - which is now well  underway.


The Shed particularly supports older men in our community, who are susceptible to loneliness and isolation. 


The Shed is a place where members can go to do woodwork and other activities in a friendly and supportive environment. It has proven to be very popular since opening after the community helped us secure £50,000 funding from the People's Millions back in 2013. Thank you for supporting us to open the Shed if you were involved with that campaign. The new and bigger space at the Big Shed, is in the process of being made ready and will be a satellite location for the project which we will continue to also operate at the Little Shed in Pierremont Park, we need this additional space in order to fulfill the high level of need for everything that the Shed offers. Find out more about The Shed, a Town Team project, here


This award will make a world of difference to all the Shedders - a chance to win much needed funding and tell the story of The Broadstairs Town Shed as it grows throughout next year!

Previous news stories

Broadstairs Summer Sounds concerts are taking place on 20th and 27th August and 3rd September 2015. high quality family friendly musical entertainment at the bandstand to celebrate our wonderful community, presented by the Town Team working once again with The Mosaic Cat, meoww!


Book your table at the Bandstand kiosk, they'll be offering a special menu, or bring a picnic.


Each event is 6pm-8:30pm


Headline Acts as follows:


20th August: New Foxtrot Serenaders supported by Jamie Moore

27th August: Mighty Fine Mr Feist

3rd September: Gentlemen of Few

Check out the Gallery and our Facebook page for some great pictures! 


The Dickens Mosaics have been refurb-ed and thoroughly tidied up thanks to artist Martin Cheek, the pupils at Upton School, Mayor Ros Binks, the Little Albion, The Four Candles and all the volunteers who helped! 


The new boat garden display at Albion Street Car Park is now in situ and planted up, well done all the volunteers, led by Ruth Goldfinch - and the Shedders who revamped the old boat before it went in! 


We are currently seeking volunteers to help with new projects including working with South Eastern Railways to smarten up the station , help needed of all kinds!  Get in touch if you'd like to get involved.


REcord Turn out for beach Litter Pick 

Thanet Gazette recognised Town Team volunteer litter pickers with this great report from 7th March.  In the video below Kerry and Wendy share their thoughts on the day and why the litter picks are so popular!