official BBC RADIO KENT videos from #onegooddeed

7th March 2017, Erika arrives at Broadstairs and is very taken with the Old Lookout and all the hard work and fundraising volunteers have done to refurbish it - sounds like she'll be off on a Broadstairs History Walk next too!

Erika and the clean-up crew left the beach and headed for the park and chatted to Mike Clark - on a swing - about volunteering with Broadstairs Food Festival! 

More than 140 volunteers took part in this Mega Spring Clean of our town with BBC Radio Kent - #onegooddeed was great fun! 


Station Press Release fnal 30.5.docx
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Memorial Benches and Progress on VIking Bay projects May 2016
Press release.
Benches restoration Press release May 16
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Restoration of Viking Bay steps crowdfunded and completed by Harbour and Seafront group
Press release
Stairs Press Release from Broadstairs To
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Viking Bay Spring Clean March 2016
Viking Bay Spring Clean Press release 21
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Press Release - Harbour and Seafront Group to join forces with Town Team
March 2016
Press Release from Broadstairs Town Team
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Clean for the Queen Press Release
March 2016
Clean for the Queen press release March
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Press Release: New Sign at Broadstairs Station, Feb 2016
Press Release from Broadstairs Town Team
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Press Release Mosaics Restoration
May 2015
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Projects update, June 2015
Press release for The Broadie magazine, June 1st 2015
Update of Projects for The Broadie June1
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Announcement November 2014
Press release announcing the appointment of Claire Shelton as Broadstairs Town Shed Coordinator and the resignation of Fiona Crawford as Chair of Broadstairs Town Team.
Press Release from Broadstairs Town Team
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Town Team Activity update
Activity update for the Broadstairs Society, May 2014
April 2014 Update on Activity for The Br
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Summer Sounds Press Release August 2014
Summer Sounds Press release Final 16.8.
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Station Tidy press release
Press release about volunteers working to tidy the area around Broadstairs railway station
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Press Release - painting Viking Bay, May 2014
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