About us

We are all volunteers who choose to work together for the good of our town. The Town Team is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.  We originally received funding from the National Lottery People's Millions and Thanet District Council and we are well supported in many ways by the community in Broadstairs. You can read more about our friends who support us here.  


Laura Sandy's MP for Thanet South from 2010-2015 kindly said of us:


"Broadstairs Town Team knows how to get things done!"


We have come together to do positive things, where we can see ways we can help, to make our town even better than we already know it is. We love Broadstairs. We know that most of the people who live here do too and that visitors often fall in love with it from the moment they arrive. It's a great place. 


But nowhere is perfect and let's face it, if it was it would be boring. We're always thinking of new ideas of things we can do that will make a positive difference and address some of the issues and challenges our town faces.


Some are quite simple to pull off, some take more planning and organisation and some things we choose not to take on, because we are all volunteers, we can only do what we can do.  If you'd like to give an hour, or more, to support any of our activities, if you think there's something new the Town Team could do, or even if you'd like to take responsibility for driving forward a new initiative, we'd love to hear from you if you'd like to get involved


Find out about our key activities here.


Because we're proactive in lots of areas we often know what other groups and individuals are up to as well - and we like to collaborate.   Sometimes we can put interested parties together, to help make things happen, where we can spot a good fit. Like the time we introduced the Broadstairs Town Shed to the organisers of Ramsgate Summer Squall Festival - and the Shedders ended up building the Festival a 30 foot Viking Ship....!

Andy and David from the Town Shed working on the boat
The boat burning at Winter Nights in Ramsgate 2014

Lots of people in the town get involved in volunteering in Town Team activities. Too many to mention everyone here. Check out the Galleries for some great photos and see if you can spot someone you know. We all support each other and like to have fun doing things that make a difference. 


We always need more help and there are lots of different ways you can be a part of the Town Team, whatever your skills or interests, if you can spare some time, from an hour or so to a more regular commitment, or if you can offer any other kind of support, please get in touch - we'll be very pleased to  hear from you. 


There are some very specific skills you may use in your every day life that we always need more of,  if you're a whizz at social media, design, artwork, project management or sourcing and applying for funding - and you'd like to put those skills to good use to support your community - we'd love to chat!


Directors and Trustees and our Governance

The Town Team is a company limited by guarantee and also a charity. 


We are led by a group of Directors, Trustees and committee members. 


Kerry Millett, Chair - Kerry is a local resident and ex-senior advertising Executive

Karen Cleverdon, Treasurer & Deputy Chair - Karen is a local resident and Director at Cleverdons Accountants

Simon Hardy - Simon is a local resident and Businessman

Pip Hardy - Pip is a local resident and Senior speech & language therapist


Kerry Millett was awarded Kent Charity Awards Trustee of the Year 2018. Particular mention was made by the panel for the quality of our governance and policies.