New sign planned for the station

So many people ask us about plants and wildlife while we are gardening at the station. So we have decided to design a new sign to help guide people through plants that thrive in our soil locally, most of which we have planted in and around the station, and tell everyone more about the insects, invertebrates and other wildlife that love to be in the gardens as much as we do.


We also wanted to share tips about sustainable gardening, how to mitigate against the effects of climate change, and how to encourage key wildlife that will in turn help our environment. We love to share our knowledge, spread the word of why gardening is such a great thing to do in groups, with friends and family, and how it increases everyone's sense of well being.

So, we've launched a great competition aimed at local artists to get involved.The prize, not just to see your design brought to life, but also an amazing prize of £500 for the winning artist, courtesy of The Creative Isle Community Rail Partnership.


Here's a copy of the poster and flyer that will be distributed throughout Broadstairs over the coming weeks.

How to enter:

Imagine your designs in place in the 4 panels of the drawing above for everyone to learn from and enjoy!

Submissions for those panels must cover 4 specific areas which are fundamental to us as a community gardens team:


Panel 1. Flora and Fauna

We'd like you to choose 4 from the following list to illustrate in your entry and feature plants which thrive here  :

·       Agapanthus

·       Hebes

·       Viburnum

·       Lavender

·       Erigeron

·       Echium

·       Eyringium( Sea Holly)

·       Poppy


Panel 2. Wildlife Matters

We'd love to see your 4 from this list in your design for this second panel :

·       Butterflies

·      Bees

·     Worms

·     Birds

·     Hedgehogs

.     Hovverflies

·     Ground Beetles

·     Lacewings


Panel 3. Sustainable gardening & helping the environment

4 more from this list please, to be illustrated to help everyone help our environment :


·         Dig less

·       Install a water butt/capture rainwater

·       Plant native plants

·       Work with the seasons

·       Make your own compost

·       Mulch more


Panel 4. Benefits of community gardening and gardening in general for better well-being.

4 benefits from this list which for you best illustrate what working outdoors and as a volunteer can bring:


·        Improved mental well-being

·       Promotes a healthy lifestyle

·       Increased social opportunities

·       Creates stronger ties to the environment

·       Connects people to local community

·       Enhances green spaces

·       Sharing and building knowledge


Just below you'll find a drawing with detailed dimensions for each panel.

It also includes a 'safe area' you need to leave outside of your final design to take copy.

The visual above is a guide only.


Please send your entry in digital form only by 15th August to :

Please include your name, email address and a 'phone number.


If your files are large - which we suspect they will be - please use wetransfer or other digital file delivery system to send files via address above.

Full terms and conditions of entry


Terms and Conditions.

Competition for Environmental gardens sign. Broadstairs Town Team March 2023


Broadstairs Town Team (BTT) has partnered with Creative Isle Community Rail Partnership (CICRP) to commission a local artist to design 4 panels which will be part of a new signpost that will share information about the garden behind Broadstairs train station.

Sponsorship for the manufacture and installation of the sign has been made possible by a grant from Broadstairs and St. Peter’s Town Council, CICRP and other local donations.

The commission will be from the winner of a competition to design the illustrative element of 4 specific panels as the key part of the sign. Those panels will also feature information on :


-       Flora and fauna

-       Wildlife already found/to be encouraged to take up residence on site

-       Tips on sustainable gardening

-       The benefits of community volunteering, specifically gardening


All the specific information and copy for above categories to be supplied by Broadstairs Town Team to all entrants as a separate, downloadable document.


-       All entries must be submitted in digital form to

       Please ensure you provide Name email address and contact 'phone number.

-       Designs must be in landscape format. Final size of submissions must fit within template visual and specification provided separately, so must be in proportion to that.

-       There are elements of written information we will add to the final panels  - see drawing for the shaded 'Text area' which must be kept clear in your entry.


A representative from CICRP, Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council and Broadstairs Town Team Gardens group will judge the winner of the competition.

The winner will receive a prize of £500.00. The decision of the judging panel is final.


The competition opens on 1st August 2023 and closing date is 15th August.

Judging will take place w/c 21st August.

The winner will be notified within 5 days of the judging taking place and will be announced on Town Team website and Facebook page form that date.

 Terms and condition of reproduction of winning design

By entering the competition entrants agree that the winning design may be used by CICRP, Broadstairs Town Team, and Broadstairs and St. Peter’s Town Council for the purposes of publicity relating to any of their activities.

 Competition opens on 1st August and closing date is 15th August 2023 - Full T&C's :

1. This competition shall be known as the “Broadstairs Environmental sign competition” and is arranged and administered by Broadstairs Town Team (“BTT”). The purpose and scope of the competition are set out in the attached publicity material and are and remain the property of BTT.

2. The competition is open to all members of the public (both private individuals and organisations) who have a link to Broadstairs, whether residential, studying or business

3. No purchase is necessary.

4. All entries must be submitted in digital form

5. Anyone with direct and/or familial links with either CICRP, Network Rail, Broadstairs Town Team (BTT) and/or Broadstairs Town Council is not eligible to enter this competition.

6. The winning entrant agrees to participate and potentially appear in any promotions and media activity linked to the competition. You therefore agree to your Design and your name and likeness being published on the BTT website and other media in the discretion of BTT.

7.The content of your design must be your original work, and you warrant that you have not copied either the whole or part of it from somebody else.

8. The use of Brand names or Company logos will not be permitted within any entries.

9. We may store copies of your Design for future promotional purposes in connection with CICRP, BTT or BTC

10. The winners accept that BTT & CICRP may be forced to make slight amendments to the winning designs, to make them suitable for rendering on the final sign

11. BTT and CICRP reserve the right to cancel, amend or change these terms of entry if reasonably required (due to circumstances beyond our control) to do so.

12. The judges’ decision is final.

13. The winners must be available to meet the team at times which will be mutually agreeable, for the purposes of the announcement of the winning entries, and for the completion of the sign and publicity linked to that.

14. You may be disqualified if we have reason to believe that you have breached these terms of entry.

By submitting your design as part of this competition, you agree to these terms of entry.

15. The prize money will be paid direct into the winner's Account by CICRP.


1.Your personal details ( including email addresses and information entered on your entry) will be collected by us and used to process your entry.

2. You consent to the storage and processing of your personal data as described here, which shall be strictly in accordance with UK data protection legislation. Personal data may remain stored by us after the competition has ended.


1. We are not responsible for incorrectly submitted information on your entry form.

2. Only entries received in accordance with these terms will be accepted.

3.We will not be responsible or liable for any costs associated with entering this competition including

(without limitation) costs associated with accessing or surveying the site.

4. Other than for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence and so far as permitted by law BTT is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost and expense, whether direct or indirect, howsoever caused in connection with this competition.