Broadstairs Town Shed

The pupils of Upton School spell out "Vote Shed"!
The pupils of Upton School spell out "Vote Shed"!

The Town Shed is a Town Team project aimed at promoting the health and wellbeing of older people, through participation in woodworking and carpentry activities for the community.


People can come and have a cuppa, help the community and support each other at the Shed. 


It's an amazing  place which began with a grant from National Lottery People's Millions which the whole town and supporters far and wide voted for us to get - the photo above shows pupils from Upton School who turned out for a dramatic Vote Shed photo shoot on the beach which was featured in our local paper - and then a whole lot of hard work to first transform a derelict building in Pierremont Park so that it could become Shed HQ and then the Little Shed. In 2016 the project moved to The Big Shed in a new location on the edge of town, with more hard and lots of support needed. 


The Shed now has its own website and video channel. You are welcome to drop in to say hello, as well as  to check the project out online. The Shed Heads will be really pleased to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved or would just like to find out more. The project is aimed mainly at men but women can absolutely get involved too!  Come and find the Shed on Oakwood Industrial Estate, Dane Valley Road. Read all about the project on the Shed Website... 

We hope you will enjoy watching this video about the Town Shed.